Haibun Monday: At The Sink With Ba


She’d pull the dining room chair up to the counter, when all our plates were edged with pears and the cutlery had chunky blue handles, easy for my little fingers to grip. Those chairs made us, my sister and I, part of her team, her crew of little helpers, bakers, packer-away-ers. Back when our kitchen was mostly hers and I told time by the sight of her car from my bedroom window, her handbag hitting the counter, the activity we were up to. 9am baking, 11am coffee, 1pm lunch, 4pm tea. She was structure and normality. She was love and she was comfort.

Courgettes are sprouting,

I think that you grew them once,

leaves green and tender.


Good evening everyone. Tonight’s post is just a quick haibun for the dVerse Poets Prompt: everyday. When I was child, everyday for me was my Great Grandmother Ba. Some of you will recognise that I’ve written about her before. Make sure to click the logo above and go and check out all the other wonderful writers taking part in tonight’s prompt!


  1. Isn’t sad that, rather than bringing the generations together (for, my God, what we gain from each other!) we have become a “civilization” that separates them out, categorizes them, and firmly places them in their boxes. Love your poem. Love the memories it encouraged me to relive.


  2. This brought tears to my eyes. Normality, structure, love….all there. How wonderful that you were able to spend time with her. I found this very moving and deeply satisfying


  3. Those precious moments give you a sense of belonging and well-being as a child. This was beautifully expressed in your haibun. As a preschool teacher, I especially love this as it is a great example of meaningful interaction between adult and child. Beautiful!


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