There are too many fractures

in the fabric of what we are

when talking of the greater.

We let people spill through

into the emptiness.

We mourn and demonise,

plant blame in gardens

not our own

and pretend to learn from mistakes

already repeating.


I wrote one poem for today’s Quadrille prompt before I started thinking about everything that has happened over the last few days. We always seem to be learning our lessons too late and apologising rather than preventing. I hope one day that will change.


  1. Yeah.. trUe tHeRe’s
    somEthing aBout
    spLLing the blood
    of 100K or so innocents
    and not expecting the
    oF Doom
    sooner or later
    as the whole
    reaps the
    oF aLL..
    and repeats
    as blood agaIN
    in vicious cycle
    of wash rinse
    fear hate
    LovE onLY
    bANd aid
    thaT hOlds..:)


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