He kept his apologies in shoe boxes

at the bottom of the wardrobe,

where they stayed gathering dust

until he’d pick a pair

to wear out.

Then he’d wear them until holes

were worn through the soles

and the fabric of them

became crepe paper packing

on unwanted gifts.

They never matched his outfit,

or suited the occasion,

you could pick them out a mile off

three shades too bright

and a little too polished.

I could never take him seriously

when he came to my door

wearing his best apologies

and tried to explain to me

how really,

it was me who was wrong.

Written For The Daily Prompt: Apology


  1. Oh boy, can I relate to this…sadly! I love how you describe those apologies as so pristine because they were barely used. I loved this, Carol!


  2. I agree with Gayle. And how those apologies became worn out and because after all, you.were.wrong. I used to know a couple of folk like that. Put them and their box out the door. Excellent write.


  3. Those are the manipulators – trying to get their foot in the door, wearing their best apologies, only to smash your finger in it! Very creative and well-written.


  4. Oh very nicely done. Apologies thrown out with even less sincerity than the “blessings” offered when one sneezes are the worst. That’s a closed door never to open again. Excellent wording.


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