If We Were Having Coffee

If we were having coffee, well I suppose I’d have to apologise for being late this week. I know it’s a weekend coffee share and I can show up when I want, but I’m also British and feel the need to apologise in most situations, but anyway.

JY874BSKKCThis week I have finally got back to my studies and cracked open the books to get on with the next chunk of my AAT Accounting qualification. We’re already in the eighth month of the year and I want to have it tidied away come Christmas so I need to get going if I’m going to meet that deadline. I’ve finished the manual book-keeping section and moved onto the computerised bit so now I just need to keep up the momentum and get this module finished by the end of the month.

In more creative news, this weekend has been a fairly good one for writing. I got a little more of Darkened Daughter Shadow Dawn redrafted. [I’ve actually forgotten if I decided on Dawn Shadows or Shadow Dawn for the title, just roll with it.] It’s still idling between the 65,000 and 70,000 word mark but this weekend has opened up some new ideas for me to explore to kick start the writing bug so I’m feeling positive. [Somewhat positive, let’s not get too carried away after all.]

Continuing on that writing theme, I’ve managed to have a weekend of short stories. I redrafted a piece from four years ago called ‘Dirt Beneath The Cobbles‘ which had a total of 17 views for its time on Writing and Works. Originally I re-blogged the story, but then I realised that meant you had to click onto the original post to read the whole thing so I decided to put it up fresh and it didn’t appear many people were going through to the old post.

On top of the re-drafting I have also managed to write two new shorter pieces, both of which could be developed on later. The longer of the two I’ve held back for now as I’m not sure what I want to do with it, but ‘Paintings And Promises‘ can be found on the site. They were both written for Daily Post prompts but the first one turned out so well that I wanted to have a think about it’s future. I can’t write it up properly just yet so it will have to wait until I’ve finished with Shadow Dawn, but it might make a good project to work on at some point.

With the novel and my AAT qualification moving forwards I’m really starting to think about how to grow this blog. There appears to be a steady stream of new followers but I’m aware that by dropping off the map for a month or two at a time I’ve not helped things much. I need to remember to carve out time for my writing here and the people who take the time to come and read it and comment.

I’m afraid that’s pretty much all my week entailed this time around. I hope the rest of you have been enjoying the first week of August and I’d love to hear how things are with you in the comments below. If you’ve got the time perhaps check out some of my stories and they are my absolute passion and the whole reason for this blog. Until next week, cheers!


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  1. Congratz on all your writing achievements, and Keep going!
    I think August is the month of opposites for me. Whatever I st my mind too, I end up regaining senses hours later and figuring out I took care of something entirely different. As long as I am creating something, I ain’t complaining though 🙂


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