Shadow Dawn – Wading Through The Middle Ground

I’ve heard it said that middle of a book is the hardest bit to write and right about now, that seems pretty accurate. In fact it’s pretty flipping complicatedC40ULVCTJL

That said, I am making progress on my novel and the real reason why I haven’t been making more is because I haven’t been sitting down to write it very much. Instead I’ve gone off to watch T.V, browse the internet, play computer games or as I’m doing now, write blog posts instead.

The main problem is that I’m too distracted my new shiny ideas for stories and poems. I end up chasing those brain bubbles instead of focusing on the complicated mess that is the middle of my story and because of that, the middle hasn’t really been written yet. I have the beginning, I have the end, I just need the middle.

What’s annoying is that the middle should be really good! There are lots of conflict points that can come into play, but whenever I sit down to write it I realise that I’ve shot myself in the foot a little bit.

It took writing the first draft to realise where I wanted the plot to go. My first draft was sort of missing and middle. This means I need to go back and sort out the start, so I can then write the middle, so I can redraft the end.

Make any sense?

Hour GlassI have decided on a deadline however. I want to have the current re-draft finished by the end of October, in time for NaNoWriMo. That’s because this year I want to get stuck into Novemeber with a brand new story, one that I haven’t tried to write as a novel before. This will also give me a month away from Shadow Dawn so I can go back after November and start on the next set of edits before sending it out to readers to get some feedback.

Me being me though, means that this plan could quite easily go out of the window and never be seen again.

Redrafting has left me feeling quite good though. For example, I’ve been working on and off on chapter three for most of the day. It looks nothing like it did originally despite still having the same sequence of events taking place. It feels a lot better though. I’ve gone back through and cut out all those little bits that twinged in the back of my head and tried to write them in a different way. It sometimes took four or five goes and I had to come back over and over to some parts, but the chapter has benefited from me not going ‘oh well, that will do.’

It’s still not finished but I feel like it’s a lot closer to being finished than first thing this morning.

I’m getting there and that’s what matter.

Let me know about your writing tribulations in the comments below. Have you got your own novel that you’re working on or perhaps it’s a piece of poetry of flash fiction that you keep coming back to over and over again. Is it the beginning, middle or end that trips you up or does it all come up the same?

Until the next post!


Tara [Shadow Dawn]

via Daily Prompt: Complicated


  1. It is excellent that you are tackling writing at all between the lure of online diversions and offline distractions. I personally feel my writing has gone to comatose status and is waiting for a rejuvenating transfusion or transplant of some kind. Probably a brain from an entirely different writer is the key. Now to find a suitable donor…


  2. I had a story that I rewrote a few times, but something was always missing. Once I figured out what it was, a supernatural element, things started to fit better, flow. The only problem is a host of new characters and problems with an already written ending is out the window. *sigh* I’m in the middle too, only my distraction, atm, is painting the inside of my house. I would really rather be writing.


  3. Oh yes the dreaded middle. My current project is a magical realism story I began with the end in mind. The beginnings come quite easily, then I skid to a slow crawl or complete stop at the middle. I use Scrivener software and find the story parts come easier if I take time to organize my plot points for each section best I can before I start. But I’m always so excited to start I push that off and suffer later.


  4. Usually, it’s the beginning that trips me up. I’ll write out scenes in the middle and the end first, then go back and create a beginning. My latest work-in-progress, though, the beginning hasn’t been so much of an issue. It’s the middle that’s giving me fits. I feel like there’s more to the animosity I created between the MC and his sister. Creating plausible situations and choosing what’s relevant to the story is the challenge I face.


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