Silent Storms

Our sort, brew confusion in copper topped jars,

somewhere out of sight,

squirrelling away every hurt and sorrow.

It’s not easy to open,

but it explodes well.

Goes off like a landmine under unsuspecting feet,

leaves craters and carnage,

with us standing centre,



So I’m combining two prompts in this poem, the first is Monday’s dVerse Poets’ Pub Quadrille challenge and the second if the daily post’s ‘confusion‘ prompt.

The Quadrille is a great form to use if you want to focus on making an impact with each word you use. There are only forty-four words to use so use them wisely. Click the logo above to check out the prompt and all the other lovely people taking part.




  1. Whew. Goodness. That was every bit as powerful as its subject matter. An explosion of words intricately placed, and intrinsically laced with (somehow) graceful acid. Whew.

    “brew confusion in copper topped jars”


  2. The two prompts worked very well together…seamless.
    We need to detonate those land mines, find a way to spill slowly our grievances. For some it comes easy and others, not at all.


  3. Itโ€™s not easy to open,
    but it explodes well.

    ~ah, yes. Most of the times it leaves craters but this way it’s easier to know who’ll choose to stay. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Oh my — keeping sorrows and disappointments and anger bottled up — until it explodes and hurts those around us. Craters. Oh you’ve written well here —


  5. Ah, indeed. I know this well and people who do keep their emotions bottled up. Not only is the explosion toxic, but the weight of the emotions can be debilitating.


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