While You Were Sleeping

You tell me that I talk in my sleep.

Well so do you,

and both of us,

we sound insane.

Like crazy people

because you

swear like a sailor

and I-

well I write fiction.

Work it out.

The stuff we sprout in our sleep

is breakfast conversation,

and neither can quite believe

what the other one said.

Still aching from the rib jolting chuckling

muffled into duvet or pillow,

and desperately wishing,

we’d had a microphone.


It’s a good thing my fiancee doesn’t read this blog because he’s turning up a lot in the poems recently.

Tonight’s poetics prompt is ‘the sound of love’ and well, the only thing I can think of is the way that both my fiancee and I talk relentlessly in our sleep and both of us say some really weird stuff that amuses the other no end.

It’s not so bad if you’re being kept awake by the most ridiculous one sided conversation in existence.


  1. This is true. There was a song in the 80’s, Talking in Your Sleep, about secrets. Sounds like no secrets here! I am sure you both are greatly amused by the disjointed sentences and strange things.


    1. It’s fairly amusing, especially when he tries to act ‘hard’ and threatens to knock some punks lights out. Normally he’d not say anything like that but in that particular dream… it’s was hilarious. He was being sooooo serious as well, it was adorable.


  2. oh…smiling I am! Just love the ideas you’ve writ here. “The stuff we sprout in our sleep” — great words here.
    Oh my — the idea of a microphone near our pillows — kind of like an apnea study but wonder if it would be different from the scientist’s side of the bed versus the poetic side of the bed? What’s your guess on that one?
    Love this take on the prompt!


    1. I’m not surprised. I’ve woken up during having a conversation with Sean while being half asleep and realised I sounded insane so panicked and went ‘never-mind, you don’t understand’ and rolled over to go back to sleep.


  3. such a touching and unique take on the sounds of love – evidently it is food for thought and a well for words


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