The Day The News Made My Blood Boil

Stating The…

Some things should be obvious.

For example,

you can’t fight hatred with hatred,

and prejudice creates rifts

where we should be building bridges.

Loss is loss,

no matter the who,

no matter the faith.

Instead of telling her to take off her clothes,

instead of  telling her to cover up her skin,

realise that she is human

just like you are,

just like I am.

And I was rather sit next to her,

wearing whatever she decides to wear,

than associate with someone who allows fear,

to make monsters out of men

while the monsters lurk somewhere else

and you decide her faith is worth less than bigotry.

Daily Post: Obvious

I wasn’t going to write anything for this daily post prompt today but then I kept seeing news articles about the current debate over the ‘burkini’. I don’t think there should even be a debate. We should be ashamed of ourselves if we even consider singling people out because of this.

I can walk around on the beach in a bikini so why can’t someone chose to cover up. It’s England so my chances or seeing weather suitable for such attire is slim, but I can still rock a two piece in the snow if I so wish.

If you want to wear a burkini then that’s fine too. Hey, if the weather is nice you’ll actually be less likely to get sun-burnt and in England, you’re more appropriately dressed for what will no doubt be a less that glorious summer day.

My point is that no one should feel ashamed or unwelcome because of what swimsuit they wear. Have we really sunk so low that we’re picking fights where there really doesn’t need to be one? Haven’t women fought enough for the choice of what we wear?

It’s about being comfortable in your own skin. How you do that is up to you.


  1. Yes this is so strange to me… and to associate a headscarf with terrorism is not possible for me to comprehend…
    In Iran the tell women to cover themselves
    In France they tell women to undress
    what’s common is the telling of the women…
    and it’s men


  2. Very well said. And indeed, it is the men telling the women how they should dress or undress. They should be ashamed but they will not be because they are men and they don’t get it. Very well penned.


  3. I think it’s pretty cute. 🙂 Believe me, I’d like to put three of them on my daughters!

    This is my favorite section of your poem:
    “And I [would] rather sit next to her,
    wearing whatever she decides to wear,
    than associate with someone who allows fear,
    to make monsters out of men”


  4. Freedom to do as you please and be criticized by those free to judge.
    Every time I see an article about clothing debate I cant help but hear these lyrics in my head, from the movie Annie (The original)
    Who cares what they’re wearing
    On Main Street Or Saville Row.
    It’s what you wear from ear to ear
    And not from head to toe
    That matters


  5. Powerful piece! I never heard of a burkini before this. After reading the article, I understand the anger you express.


  6. Great timely post! I too was amazed and then angry to see the reporting of this on television last night. I see people in wet suits out in the water, coming in onto the sand. They are similar in the coverage. And then there are women in thongs — with very little left to imagine. No one says a word to these folks. And then I think I also heard in the same news story that people are not allowed to wear crosses on a chain around their neck? I don’t think I’m imagining hearing that. Really? What is happening here???? I’ll take the fully dressed woman over the thong any day….and perhaps one might think about what “religious thought” is being expressed by the thong? In some way, our “beliefs” are reflected in everything we wear. Good for you posting this!


    1. Thank you Lillian. I normally try to keep politics off the blog but this really riled me up. Normally the news doesn’t stick with me, but this keeps popping up at the back of my brain, mostly because I can’t believe it would happen in Europe of all places.


  7. I was horrified when I read about this incident, and perhaps more so that everyone sat there watching. No one came to her assistance or comforted her. The world is turning on itself in a very ugly way.


  8. I didn’t know about this. The story may or may not have reached South African shores – I don’t watch television. I followed the pingbacks to the story and am appalled! Remind me to not want to move to France at anytime, ever. I thought us South Africans were a miserable lot but this beats it, for sure.


    1. Well it’s now been ruled ‘unlawful’ to impose such a ban. A French court has declared that to do so impinges on basic liberties and that beaches cannot dictate what people can or can’t wear.


  9. Lovely piece.

    Though I do wish more people would vehemently uphold the rights of women all over the world who wish to dress a certain way, be it cover up or not i.e.: hijab, burka, niqab…(instead of stereotyping them as ‘terrorists’ ‘terrorist sympathizers’ etc) with the same passion as most people opposed the Burkini ban.

    Stop telling women what to wear and what not to wear.


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