She is never fickle.

You could set your calendar by her,

count the months by her,

howl your heart out at her,

remind yourself of something older,



by her.

She follows no matter where you go,

rises and falls with you,

grows and shrinks,

matches your courage, your weakness,

your strength and your brittleness.

She is constant,

and ever changing.

Here one night,

shifted the next,

always in motion and always bright.

Even behind the clouds,

she is a reminder that day is not all gone,

and night is but a respite,

an interlude in which to breathe

and you are never really alone.

She is there.


The last time I tried to write a poem about the moon I ended up with a piece of flash fiction called Not Of This Era instead so I’m happy to see that this one stayed a poem even if it isn’t my favourite bit of writing.

As you might have guessed, tonight’s prompt at the dVerse Poets Pub is poems about the moon, so if you want to get involved and read some great poetry then click the logo above and get your butt over there.

Thanks for reading, I’ve now got some of my own to do. 🙂

One Comment

  1. So enjoyed this. It’s clever and for me touching, too. Can’t explain why aside from the moon has witnessed some happy and not so happy moments in my life so I hold her dear. Plus I’m a Pisces 🙂


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