Confessions Of A Bookworm: August

My last book related posts was all the way back in May so I’m feeling a little ashamed of myself, especially when I look and see that most of the books I was reading or about to read are still unread or half finished around the house. Part of the reason was moving house, this meant I didn’t have much time for reading and alongside studying and writing, getting through actual books has been a bit tricky. I’m getting back on track though. So, for the last Wednesday in August, here is my booky post.


What Am I Currently Reading:

This month’s list is a lot shorter than my normal ones, just two books.

‘Legends and Liars’ is the second book in Julia Knight’s series and the first book got me absolutely hooked. It’s fantasy but with a hint of steampunk, Reyes [the main city of the first book] is a clockwork wonder and the Ikaras of the second book is a mysterious glass city of beauty and unexplained complexities.I adore Kacha and Voch already, mostly because they both come across as so realistically flawed. Voch is a grandstanding idiot who values his reputation [be it real of crafted] above everything, but who will still pull through for his sister if needed. Kacha is fierce and deadly, but she has a strong set of morals and you can see how that independence takes its toll. Overall, Julia Knight is a great creator of characters and I can’t wait to get onto the third book and see how this all plays out.

I’ve only read a little of ‘Trigger Warning’ so I don’t have very much to say about it. Since it’s a short story collection I’m enjoying dipping in and out of it. Neil Gaiman is probably my favourite writer of all time and his short stories never fail to impress.


What I’ve Just Finished:

As I’ve already covered Julia Knight’s series in the first part of this post I’ll focus on ‘American Gods’ and ‘This Savage Song’.

‘American Gods’ is one of those books that I’ve been meaning to read for years and that everyone told me I should have read already. I’ve owned it for a while but never got around to cracking the front cover but when I saw that a TV series was coming out for it, I decided to get my but in gear and get it read.

What can I say? I adored it. As someone who loves mythology and Neil Gaiman, this book appealed to pretty much everything I adore in writing. Shadow was an amazing character and the whole way through I was rooting for him. In a lot of ways it reminded me of ‘Anansi Boys’, partly because it shares some characters and partly because it shares a lot of themes when it comes to people and family. Both books are brilliant reads however, and American Gods is one of those where the ending is something of a surprise but you can see the hints all the way through when you look back. I’m really happy that I got around to reading this and I can’t wait for the show to come out so I can be one of those annoying people who points out all the differences with the book. Only joking, I’m just really excited to watch Ricky Whittle play Shadow.

‘This Savage Song.’ I ordered this book not really expecting very much. I opened the first page thinking I would read maybe a chapter or two and then put it down.

I did put it down.

Four hours later when I’d finished the whole, flipping book!

This was another book where I fell in love with the characters from page one and the author did a fantastic job of making them seem so real and so human. Once I finished the book the first thing I did was check to see if a sequel was out. There isn’t one unfortunately but I’m keeping an eye out for one because I really want to find out what happens next.

The book’s set in a semi-destroyed city so it has that dystopian feel but there is the hint that the rest of the world hasn’t suffered the same fall out so it’s a little different to most of the dystopian books I’ve read so far which was really nice.

If you want a book that keeps you hooked all the way through then I’d really recommend ‘Savage Song.’


What I’m Reading Next:


Only one book in this section and that’s because ‘AMERICAN MONSTERS’ FINALLY CAME OUT AND I WANT TO READ IT SO BADLY. I’m trying to be good and focus on finishing ‘Legend and Liars’ first before reading this because I need to stop hopping from book to book without finishing stuff. But anyway, you can read what I thought of this in September’s post. [Haha, look at me trying to plan and setting myself goals that probably won’t happen.]

Thanks for reading.



  1. I’m curious about American Monsters…and I’m also tempted to read something by Neil Gaiman, since I see his books everywhere. Enjoy!

    Moving house is the perfect excuse for not reading much. Enjoy settling in.

    Here’s MY WWW POST


  2. So many have loved This Savage Song! Is it a series or a stand alone?Happy reading and thanks for participating in WWW Wednesday!


  3. I need to try some of Neil Gaiman’s short stories. Unfortunately, I haven’t really been able to get into his novels (American Gods among them), but I wondered if reading shorter pieces, his style might click with me a bit better. I love the sound of the Julia Knight series (clockwork and a mysterious glass city? yes, please!) and the Derek Landy one also looks really good. I haven’t read anything by him in a while.

    Happy reading! Here’s my WWW post:


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