If We Were Having Coffee

Good Afternoon and my apologies for being late. This weekend turned out to be more jam packed that I expected, in fact the whole week has been something of a steamroller of unexpected events.

Last week I was talking about the plans I had in place and for the most part, almost all of them went out of the window. Unfortunately, this week I lost someone who I was close to. I don’t know how he died, I won’t for a bit, but his mother let me know that the rumours were true and he had passed away. He was twenty-two. He was the sort of person who lived their life quite close to the edge but the news still came as a surprise and I’m still trying to process the reality of it. I’m trying to take comfort in the fact that during the last few conversations we had, I made sure to let him to know that I was always there for him and that I cared about him.

As a result of that news, my week has been less productive that I had hoped for. I have worked on the novel a little and I’ve worked out a few of the kinks that were keeping me for making progress so I’m not too worried about the lack of actual writing that’s gone on.

However, the reason why this post is going up on Sunday instead of Saturday is a little more upbeat. Some of you who read this blog a fair bit will know that last year I got engaged and I’ll be getting married in 2018. Another friend of mine is getting married the month after I will be and she invited me to go along on a wedding dress shopping expedition to Wed2B in Wrexham.

I went along expecting to sit around and pass judgement on whatever she picked out. Instead, we walked through the door and found myself being shunted into trying dresses for my wedding as well. Now before you start thinking I gatecrashed her dress shopping, I did try and point out it was her day and I didn’t want to impose, but then she insisted I try some on as well. So that was how I ended up in a fitting room with four dresses, one of which turned out to be the one. Here are the three I didn’t chose. There’s been some creative cropping to remove nieces and nephews from the background.


I will say this. The staff at Wed2B were fantastic. They were friendly and helpful and did not put any pressure on us to make a sale. They advised we pick four dresses and then they helped cinch us into them. The first one was nice enough, but the second, well I fell in love. Material things shouldn’t make me so happy but this material thing really did. I’m afraid there won’t be any pictures until after the wedding though.

Due to the unplanned wedding dress shopping and proceeding visit to my mother’s to store away said wedding dress, I ended up not having time to even write the normal Saturday Weekend Coffee Share post. I’m not the only one late this week though so I don’t feel too bad.

This week has also seen the removal of the shrimp from our one fish tank as it went on a murder spree and killed the sucker fish and my oranda which was somewhat worrying as they were both larger than it. We have therefore removed him from the tank to protect the remaining residents.

I have also bought myself yet another notebook that I in no way need but desperately wanted anyway. I’m going to try and use it for all my writing notes and use coloured sticky tabs to categorise which project that note relates to so I can find stuff easily. If I keep everything in one place I can hopefully get stuff done a bit quicker and since I’m writing down all the writing prompts that I come across, it’s a great resource for when I’m feeling stuck.


As you can probably tell, it’s been an up and down week. I will admit I feel guilty for going out and enjoying myself in light of recent events, but I am aware that I can’t put my life on hold and my friend would have probably yelled at me if I did. I just hope he’s in a better and happier place.



  1. I love looking at people in wedding dresses – your non-picks are beautiful, so you just have gotten a great dress! Living our lives as best as we can is the greatest thing we can do for the dead. So don’t let yourself feel guilty.


  2. Sorry for your loss. Hopefully, in time your heart will heal.

    The wedding dress shopping sounded fun. You look awesome in the 3 above so I’m sure the dress you chose is amazing!

    Have a wonderful week ahead!


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