Stars, Emptiness, And A Lonely Heart

There used to be few nights where I went inside without pausing to look up. And as I grew older I began treating the stars like people, imagining those I’d loved and lost among them, watching over me. Being alone in the dark still scars me, but I can take comfort in those tiny lights. There is sadness in the idea that some are ghosts of suns long burnt out, but hope in the ones that are just echoes of furious creatures still roaring somewhere in the distance. I like to think of my ancestors and lost friends that way. Echoes still roaring in the distance, just out of hearing.

On frost bitten nights

I stand there thinking of you,

wishing on the stars.


Tonight we’re writing haibuns over at the dVerse Poets Pub so pick up your pen, take a look at the night’s sky and join us at the bar.


  1. Lovely haibun. I too think of those who I have loved and lost in terms of being stars. It is comforting to me and look up and still see them in place.


  2. It’s possible that indeed the loved ones departed are there up in the sky, but then again, they may be a lot closer to us than what we’d like to think!


  3. I think it’s a wonderful thing to think about when gazing at the stars… somehow it’s looking into the past isn’t it… so of course they are there in a way… love the thought that darkness scars…


  4. Did you mean to say ‘Being alone in the dark still scars me’ rather than ‘scares me’ which is what seems like a more traditional phrasing? I like the use of ‘scars’ so kudos if it was intentional.


  5. Every star a soul – what a wonderful thought. It means we are never alone. A poignant haibun, Carol, which gave me a tingle 😉


  6. Late to the posting and reading. Love everything about your haibun. Our loved one within those stars – such a comforting thought. They are within the skies that cover us like a comforting blanket and yes, some of them are still roaring about up there! 😊


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