I Wish…

More than anything,

I wish

for things to be easier.

For my feet to find footings

without the sickening stomach drops

of missed steps,

when the ground isn’t as close as expected

and just for a moment

the fall is endless,


and filled with the prospect of broken bones

no amount of positive thinking

can fix.

I wish each inching move forward

was a leap, a bound,

that there was something to mark each milestone

other than my own voice

saying ‘right, what’s next?’

I wish I could accept just one achievement

without wondering

what more I could have done.


It’s poetics night over at the dVerse Poets Pub. What do you wish? Write a poem about it and share it with the rest of the bar. Make sure to check out the rest of the wonderful writers while you’re there!


  1. I do love the metaphor of being afraid of height, and yes the world is always Sisyphean, the small respite, the breather in between is what to wish for… or maybe the short moment before the boulder rolls down again.


    1. Thank you. 🙂 Hey, have you got a moment. I’m about to publish a post for the discovery prompt and I could do with a friendly voice to let me know if I’m just chattering on about nonsense?


      1. A beautiful piece of writing, you honor the subject matter and give it life. I loved it. xo


  2. Took the words right out of my heart. I think we all feel something similar. You’re not alone in this life, in this writing journey.


  3. …each movement a leap and a bound..” Ah to be a gazelle in life….now that would be sweet!
    PS: this poem, your words, are a wonderful accomplishment – know that!


  4. You could have stopped with those opening lines — “More than anything, / I wish / for things to be easier” — and let us all fill in the rest. That wish seems so universal. But I’m glad you didn’t stop there. The details of this wonderfully filled out the wish. I sometimes wonder, though, if things were easier would I be the same person? Would I be more shallow? Would I not ever have discovered my need for God? Would I lack compassion for others who wish things were easier? I don’t know the answer, but thanks for making me ponder the questions.


    1. Thank you for commenting. Hardships and working to reach something do build us to be better people, but every now and again it can leave us feeling like it’s all uphill with no end in sight and those are the times where more than things being ‘easier’, we need people to cheer us on and remind us about how far we’ve already climbed.


  5. i guess.. i never noticed
    your age.. my friend.. as
    22 seems so young for these
    problems but i too.. remember 21
    and endless more problems than this too..
    what i will tale you this at age 56.. as sure each
    human UniVerse perceived
    is different too..
    for me at least
    and for the lesson
    taught by many other
    elders of mine then.. life
    has limitless potential.. when
    one finds their groove and niche
    that works in life.. for me 53 years of
    trials and tribulations on the Autism Spectrum
    with bi-polar and up to 18 other life threatening
    synergy of disorders including a real stint in hell
    for 66 months with the worse assessed pain in
    science known as type two trigeminal neuralgia
    like a dentist drill without novocaine.. in my
    case rendering sight and hearing ineffective
    for anything for 33 months until each
    word as a mountain of pain on
    Thanksgiving day of 2010
    starting one word
    that is arriving
    at 12 million
    now 6 years in what
    started as words to escape
    pain that no drug would touch
    to words of joy.. pain free at the
    end of July 2013.. at age 53.. since
    then i’ve written the longest long form
    poem ever at over 3.3 million words.. but
    sure.. i worked for the government for a quarter
    of a century and am financially independent which
    allows me to art free and dance too.. now 6K miles
    everywhere i go in public too.. life can truly be limitless
    once the material expectations of worldly success in
    terms.. of dollar bills.. new age of likes.. follows..
    shares.. the same in traps of perfectionist
    thinking that sure as a straight
    A student with three college
    degrees.. i remember all
    too well the
    of not a blade
    of grass out of place
    too.. but now i revel at
    imperfection and in the freedom
    of that my form of essence is one
    and same as elegant as planets orbit
    suns my friEnd.. to be free one must find
    a way first to be free of fear.. there are so
    many ways to do that.. but mind and body
    balance in the first step of dance is what eventually
    set me free in total emotional regulation.. sensory
    integration.. as when the body becomes balanced
    the mind naturally flows as two
    hemispheres balanced
    like a race-car
    that is
    finely tuned
    for laser focus and
    extreme short-term
    working memory as cognitive
    executive functioning super charged..
    so sure.. when i see someone who has been
    in the anxiety of life.. that used to be so severe
    that my Air Force Major Psychiatrist dealing with
    combat fatigue veterans from the middle east said
    he had never seen a worst case than mine.. ha.. i dance
    in public now.. in front of hundreds of folks solo.. gone
    from the days of fear.. to noted metro area dance
    legend starting
    that art
    a grandpa
    moses of dance
    at age 53 then..
    the poetry my friend
    and 12 million words or so
    now.. is just an excuse to rest
    the Love of Dancing with real stars Feat..:)


  6. Thank your for this deep and true poem. The abyss is everytime calling the abyss and some steps over the edge seeming like an endless falling, but all falling is only the perspective where we make sure, what is up and down and all darkness can be turned and then you can see from light to ground a growing…and this is the magic hope of wishes and this is their quality: they are independent of the dimensions of our senses…
    I wish you a lot of lucky wishes,
    Greetings from The Karfunkelfee ✨


  7. Ah yes, I know that ‘what could I have done better, what ought I to have done, why didn’t I do X, Y or Z’ voice only too well! Also, that stomach-dropping feeling… We are our own worst enemies sometimes, aren’t we?


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