Ten Thousand Words And Counting


It’s just turned afternoon here in the UK and instead of planning my evening for bonfire night, I’m staring at my NaNoWriMo word-count, wondering how much more I can get written before I need to leave the house. After all, I need pesky things like food and the kitchen is looking a little bare at the moment.

I’m going to keep this week’s Weekend Coffee Share short as I really do need to keep my attention on finishing the current draft of Shadow Dawn. Over the last five days I have written 10,128 words to add to my book, taking the current draft total to…



I’m currently working on chapter ten of the book and I’m really proud of how much I’ve written over the last week. Writing the synopsis for Shadow Dawn really helped with motivating me and keeping me from going off track during the last few days.

I’m not quite hitting the same daily word-counts as I was when I blasted out the last full draft of Shadow Dawn, but I’m managing at least 2,000 words a day, and yes, I’m writing each chapter over from scratch.

Reading back the stuff I’d written from about chapter five onward, it was clear that my story had taken some very weird tangents to the point where none of the characters were heading in the direction that they needed to be.

We are now on track.


I’ve cut away most of the old draft and I’m starting afresh.

In December I will have to go back and lengthen a lot of the chapters, and I’m starting to come to terms with the fact that I’m crap at chapter endings. I really struggle to create a final paragraph that doesn’t feel too sudden or cliched.

But! That is all a December problem and right now it’s November so I need to get back to writing. Best of luck to anyone else who’s also trying to complete NaNoWriMo this month.

Happy writing!



  1. I admire all the November novelists. It is such a big effort in a short time. I am not sure how you all manage to pump out so many words a day. Still, I may try it next year because you all seem to go on a voyage of discovery through the process. Enjoy!!!


  2. Iā€™m impressed with your word count, good job! This is my first year participating in NaNoWriMo and Iā€™m sitting at 13,1060 words so far. Good luck, thanks for sharing.


  3. I wasn’t panicked about my numbers until I looked at yours! (I know, I shouldn’t compare. But, hell, that’s a lot of words you’ve got going on.)


  4. Wow, sounds like you are doing great! I’ve never managed to get any further than thinking ‘Ow, NaNoWriMo, that sounds like a great idea’. Maybe next year. šŸ™„ Good luck with your book!


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