Poetry Anthologia – Lost Letters

Haha, who says I’m late, I’m right on time! Sort of.

Welcome to the Poetry Anthologia. You might have seen us before at Blaidh’s Tales, or right at the start at The Oak Wheel, or perhaps you’re brand new and you’ve got no idea what the heck is going on.

Well let’s start with introductions. The Poetry Anthologia is a collection of poets who collectively spew forth one weekly anthology of poems based around a single prompt. Some weeks there’s just a couple of us and others weeks there is more poetry than you can shake a stick out.

For the next ten weeks the Poetry Anthologia will reside here at Writing and Works before the baton is taken up by another intrepid blogger. [I hope.]

This week’s prompt was ‘lost letter’ and we have just two poems, the first by Brittaina Goffy and the second by myself. Enjoy:

Where? [by Brittaina Goffy]

hold out in the dark

they slip through your fingers

so few, so little

where is the letter holding your smile?


where is the switch, the button,

the cord, got to be somewhere

where is your smile?

old, useless letters, but

they skip on your heart

but it’s not The Letter

Where’s your smile?

Summons [by Carol Forrester]

I spent months by the letter box, waiting.

When the summer came I thought I saw your car

in a haze of heat above the tarmac.

I convinced myself you had come at last

that the letters I wrote meant something.

That they weren’t simply black scores

on white paper

counting the hours I stood there

pretending you were only around the corner

and they the postman had not returned them

‘no longer known at this address’.



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