Midnight -A Choka


Sweat sitting sticky

in a shallow pool rippling.

With each breath inhaled

the hollow between her breasts

fills deeper again.

That hidden tremor

running from calf to rib-cage,

echoed with a groan

that rumbles through to marrow

deep and guttural.

Knees converted into hooks,

grappling for contact

drawing deeper into sheets

they hold, lock, engage.

Nails drawing across a scalp

and hair thick between fingers

something for purchase.

lips, tongue and teeth, clash, curl, bite,

praises, curses, moaned.

gasping for air or for words,

muscles arching back

drawn to breaking point, to snap.


Sweat sitting sticky,

that hollow between her breasts

kisses press lazily up.


Thursday night over at the DVerse Poets Pub is form night, and tonight we’ve been challenged to write a Choka which is a Japanese style of poem. It words on an alternating 5-7 syllable count with an extra 7 syllable line at the end.

I decided to combine the Choka form with today’s Daily Prompt: Temptation.



  1. Oh, I love this…such crisp depiction and detail, knees like hooks, fingers raking through a scalp of hair…all the senses straining, excellent. I also liked how you used the beginning line in the last verse.


  2. at first reading wondered if it was fear we were witnessing – fear of the little death perhaps! Engagingly erotic starting with that lovely alliterative first line
    “Sweat sitting sticky”


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