Poetry Anthologia Week Six – Celebration

2016 –  by Brittania Goffy

You could say that

we shouldn’t dance now

and you’d be right, hey,

not for a long time


But I don’t care now

It’s over, over,


and for the next day,

we are gonna par-tay


celebrate that we’re not dead

celebrate ’cause Beatles live

celebrate that there’s no plauge

celebrate cause we’re alive

Celebration – by Carol Forrester


We sang until there were no words left

and I could feel your pulse beneath my skin

thumping like a drum beat

marching us home from battle.

On wobbly legs we stumbled into ourselves,

collapsing into the grey light of morning

with laughter still on our lips

and tasting the tequila on the back of our throats.

We won’t remember what we did,

but we will remember the joy.

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