Home Imaginary

Can you build a place half ruined?

Leave some of the rooms unfinished?


Carve a fort from Shropshire sandstone,

keep the windows soaring and wide

so the light pours into libraries

endless and stacked high.

With shelves and shelves of volumes.

Every room another genre

and books that never end

and cushioned seats to loose yourself in

so time becomes impotent

and each day is just that, a day,

and each night just darkening hours.

Leave the walls to fall into the gardens

running wild with cornflowers and daisies,

a vegetable patch behind the old well,

and orchards filled with plums and cherries,

pears, apples and damsons,

the trees old, huge and untamed,

perfect for climbing.

Can I build a place like that?

Sprawling and beautiful,

creeping and quiet,

a castle, a keep,

a place for words and gardens.


Tonight’s poetic challenge is to create a building with our poems. I hope you like my booky castle. If you want to share your own perfect building or just check out the other entries, then click the badge above to go to the wonderful Poets Pub.




    1. Thank you. Unfortunately I don’t have space for a damson tree here. I’ve got a plum, pear and cherry ready for planting but I’ll have to retreat to my mum’s farm for the damsons. If I can make enough to one day buy my dream home I’ll have every fruit tree imaginable.


      1. I love it. These frit trees were established when we bought the house. Several years ago I planted apple and cherry trees. They will be bearing fruit this year.


  1. That sounds like a nice home with gardens replacing walls. In the right climate that might be possible. Somehow to integrate plants more into the living space and library.


    1. I’m trying to do something similar in my house at the moment. The sun room has patio doors onto the decking so I’m planning on building a pergola [fiancee will build it] and have as many pants on the patio as possible, with some of the less hardy ones in the sun room so that when you open the patio doors the two spaces become one.


  2. I love your house, Carol! A garden and a library is all I need but, I have to confess, I already have them! Your house would be perfect for Bjorn’s ageing librarian. 🙂


    1. Thank you. It’s been lovely to see a universal adoration for books and nature in the poems. You’re right that it’s not surprising, but it’s still heartwarming to be reminded.


  3. “to loose yourself in so time becomes impotent”, that sound like a great place to live; a time machine. I need to lose a few decades or so. That would be better than plastic surgery. Just grab a book and let time slip past you


  4. “Leave the walls to fall into the gardens”….especially love the freedom of this thought, the peaceful transition of inside to outside.


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