Roundabout Fury

‘The phrase “ignore it and it will go away.” does NOT apply to being chased by a dozen cop cars… trust me on this one. ‘ Amy swore and pressed herself into the passenger side door as Ken flicked off his indicator and skidded around the roundabout at sixty. ‘For fu-‘ Her words disappeared as the car clipped one of the council’s new ‘keep our streets clean initiative’ bins and rubbish exploded across the car windscreen.

‘Can you believe the weather?’ Ken tutted and turned the windscreen wipers on. ‘I blame global warming.’

Behind them the screech of the police sirens grew.

‘Shall we have some Radio?’ Ken asked, already reaching for the dial.

‘Ken!’ Amy lunged for the steering wheel and wrenched it towards her as they began veering right.

‘Shit, Amy!’

They hit the curb, and then the flower bed of freshly sprouted daffodils, before the eventual howling whine of the town park’s wrought iron fencing. Coughing on the smoke now pouring from the engine, Amy fumbled for her seat belt. Across from her Ken groaned and wiped the blood from beneath his left eyebrow.

‘Jeez Amy, what’s got into you?’

‘Me!’ Amy spluttered. ‘What’s got into me? What’s got into you more like! I told you to let it go! There is more than one pack of crisps in the world! If you had bloody listened none of this would have happened!’

‘But…’ Ken wilted beneath her glower. ‘They were cheese and onion.’

‘My mother was right,’ said Amy. ‘I should have divorced you after the truffle incident.’




Written for the prompt ”The phrase “ignore it and it will go away.” does NOT apply to being chased by a dozen cop cars… trust me on this one. ‘ from Promptuarium.

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