Sleep buzzes away

like an insect to the light,

fizzing back and forth.

I lie awake for hours,

just watching the night pass by.

Written For The Weekly Tanka Prompt Challenge – Awake & Sleep


  1. Hi, Nice to meet you, 23 years old trying to be a better writer, well this tanka poem is perfect and so true in life, I don’t see much wrong with your writing.
    Thanks for the follow, will be looking forward to reading more of your work.
    Have a great rest of the week.

  2. I know how you feel. I stay away in bed for a long time it seems many nights. When I was younger and could live by my own schedule in the summer between school, I’d stay up til 5 many nights.

          1. Done a few fib’s, well the longer version, the full Fibonacci, up to 55 syllables long, the simple Elfje, just 11 words, love it. Not lying, honest, just a little fib. 🙂

            Well maybe,
            Not really, just a
            Nice, poetic way of writing.
            © MET 2017/66

                1. Fibs.
                  Must be
                  a link there,
                  that we gift them words
                  like precious gems, or silver, gold.
                  Ironic that a fib can be filled with honesty.

                  (Think I got my syllable count right.)

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