Holding Hands

Our hands weren’t designed to fit together,

they’re not puzzle pieces clicking into place

or lego snapped into shape,

there is no ergonomic design at play

or thought to how our fingers interlay

they fit because we ask them to.

You’ve taken my hand enough times

to wear leather into my palms

so the callouses on yours can’t prick me.

We’ve held wrists at awkward angles

until our forearms burn with pins and needles

because the other one is half asleep.

We have rearranged and adjusted,

twisted, worried, knotted fingers into bows,

all to read the pulse under a thumb.

We have crafted these hands with love.

Made them to slot inside each other easily.

Created something beautiful in simplicity.

Written For The Daily Prompt: Partner

Make sure to check out the new link up I’ll be running on Fridays! This week the challenge is to carry on the story using the beginning given! You can write your own story in full and link it in or just add a paragraph to carry on the story in the comments beneath the post.

Either way, you can check it out here.



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