Spell Spun

The recipe called for three teaspoons of shimmer,

from unshed tears.

Half a fractured heart, cored and peeled.

A handful of sweat

scraped from the hollow of a good man’s throat,

and the promise of forever,

bottled and preserved in lies,

steeped for sixteen years,

and cracked open with a whisper of ice.


For Today’s Daily Prompt: Shimmer

I was genuinely struggling for a response to today’s daily prompt so I’m afraid you’ve got his nonsense.


  1. This so cool. Very well written 🙂

    All i could think off for shimmer was “shimmer magazine rejected my short story within two days.” 🙂

    1. Ouch. Not heard of the magazine but I know the feeling of getting rejected by poetry/short story magazines. It always sucks. I don’t write for competitions or submissions that much anymore. I don’t think my stuff is really good enough to compete.

      1. Yeah same here i dont submit to competitions but i am still putting it out there for magazines. I don’t care much for rejection (at least i pretend not too) cause i read somewhere that writing and selling are mutually exclusive. You write cause you love it, you sell if you get lucky. As an exercise in self esteem i like to think there are many awesome writers who never sold a piece 🙂

        1. It also requires a certain level of commitment. Once I’ve finished Shadow Dawn I will submit it to agents, but in the meantime I’m better off focusing on writing that then splitting my focus on lots of little projects for magazines I think. Best of luck with your own submissions.

  2. So true for so many who have been there, done that. Yet I see no signs of hope for love as the ultimate Redeemer. If we fall down once, should we not pick ourselves up? Just wondering. Even then, the sentiments expressed are so powerful.

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