Slow, Summer Days

Some days are made for ambling.

Those slow, soft, warm days,

when the breeze only stirs lazily

and the sun slouches across the sky,

scuttled with wispy mares’ tails,

too relaxed to do much of anything.

Those days are the best for long walks

through country lanes with arching oaks,

and dappled woodlands

with root woven soils

to leave your shoes scuffed

your knees mud streaked

and your hands stained by bark.

Those days should take you places,

those nowhere in particular places,

before finding yourself closer to home

than you would have ever thought.

Daily Prompt: Amble

I’ve been for a couple of walks this year with the other half. I want to see if we can visit Grinshill Hill this month but the weather doesn’t look like it’s going to let up much for a few weeks. I’ve been up it a few times as a child but not in the last five or six years, perhaps longer.

Tell me, what are the places you like to go on those lovely not-too-hot, just right sort of summer days?

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