An Apology

I’ve been carrying your shade around

and I think I need to apologise.

I’ve been keeping you closer these days,

tucked between my umbrella

and the notepads,

near the bottom of my handbag

like a half empty pack of tissues.

From time to time I dig you out,

just to turn over our last conversation,

re-read the second hand messages,

remind myself that you’re gone.

I still don’t feel like you’re gone.

I wonder when I will?


I’m a little late to the party for Tuesday Poetics, yesterday turned into something of a manic day with an emergency shoe shopping trip after work, but more about that at the weekend.

The prompt this Tuesday was the word ‘shade’. You can take it anyway you like but the word shade had to appear in the prompt.


    1. Thank you Frank. It’s actually about the friend I lost last year. I’ve written a couple about him over the last twelve months. It’s close to the anniversary so I suppose he’s on my mind a lot at the moment.


    1. Thank you Beverly. While you’re here. I’ve just put up a post about shoes, well sort of. I could do with some honest feedback. Would you mind? If you haven’t got time that’s absolutely fine.


  1. “I’ve been carrying your shade around….”
    What a wonderful and insightful statement. When people depart, they leave a shadow of themselves within us and surrounding us….I do believe that. Your words here….the idea that we “tuck” the person’s shade into our handbags, behind the umbrella…perhaps even in the kitchen cabinet that holds the spices? I think it need not be just the photographs of a loved one that remind us….but oh so many things…carrying around their shade. I love this! So very glad you posted.


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