Back In Time

Some nights I dream I’m back at school,

stomach crawling up my throat

while I wait

for the hall to open its doors,

and swallow me whole.

I return to being terrified,

to being her.

I remember it too well,

she’s not gone far.


I love the quadrille night over at the DVerse Poets Pub. Tonight’s prompt for your 44 word poem is ‘dream’. Take it however you like so long as the word ‘dream’ or a derivative of it appears in the poem.


  1. It’s amazing how school has traumatized most of us. There are no nightmares worse than the school ones, the missed exams, oversleeping, missing the bus etc etc. Something ought to be done about it 🙂


  2. I have dreams of being in school as well, usually toward the end of the semester and I can’t remember what classes I signed up for or where they are held.


  3. Thankfully I never dream of school for it would be a nightmare.
    I was a different person then and I hated school, so understand your words.
    Anna :o]


  4. Oh my… you’re wording so well here a fear we have — if not about all our school days, at least some of them. School can be traumatic for sure.


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