Along The Corridor

There are doors in my head too big for their frames.

Winter came and I learned that wood swells when wet.

Some have seized on their hinges, too fat to budge,

other simply moan a little when I pry past them

and then a few I cannot close at all, no matter how hard I try.


Yesterday’s prompt from the dVerse Poets Pub was to write a five line poem. I’ve written a few in the past, mostly fixed form pieces like Tankas, but tonight I thought I’d keep things simple and limit myself only to the line count.


    1. The idea came from staying in a holiday cottage once where the doors were all new wood. Because it hadn’t been seasoned for long enough before being cut, the weather and the underfloor heating cause the doors to warp out of shape. Even when you closed them they didn’t sit flush.


  1. i like the analogies too, when we think too much our brain swells bigger than our skulls can contain it just like those wet doors, the frames strain. lovely writing


  2. Doors…what a wonderful metaphor, giving us much to think about. The oversized door made me think of over compensating or over protected.


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