Brew Round

Important conversations called for tea.

Hands wrapped around a mug,

you were always more prepared to listen

when the steam could be counted on

to fog your glasses

and warm the last of the frost

from your nose.

By the time you’d drank to the dregs

it would be bordering on cold

but still

waste not, want not.

The things left to say

once you’d drained the tea

had to wait.

That was just the way it was,

We spoke a mug at a time

or I did at least.

You were always silent,

stirring the sugar in.


It’s a quick one tonight I’m afraid as I’m trying to pull together a word document of all the poems I’ve written over the last three years. I’ve decided to enter the International Book and Pamphlet Competition hosted by The Poetry Business which requires 20-24 pages of poems. It’s just a matter of finding which ones I actually have the confidence to submit.


  1. Good luck with the pamphlet, Carol. I’m sitting The Poetry Business one out this year and focusing on the new grandson, whose arrival is imminent.
    I’m with you on this: ‘Important conversations called for tea’. I had to smile at the lines:
    ‘when the steam could be counted on
    to fog your glasses’ – that always happens to me!
    A wonderful portrait in a cup of tea!


  2. A great story about someone who would listen a moderate length of time (depending how cold it was 😉 Good luck with your project…even the excuse to review what you’ve done should be worthwhile.


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