The Curse Of The Ex-Wife

‘You know something, I think life was better on the other side,’ said the mummy currently unwinding the bandaged around her torso.

‘So there is one?’ Dr Williams asked, cheeks colouring as the creature plucked a bullet from between flesh her ribs. She examined it for a moment and then tossed it aside into the sand beside the yellow placard marking one of the entrances to the burial tomb.

‘I’m dead, a revolver is not going to make me any deader,’ she sighed.

‘No, of course not, I do apologise,’ said Dr Williams. ‘You just, well you know, caught me a little off guard.’

‘You were preforming an ancient revival ritual in the middle of the desert over a corpse. What did you think was likely happen?’

‘Well honestly, I thought nothing would happen,’ Dr Williams admitted.

‘Then why bother?’

‘It seemed harmless enough,’ he shrugged. ‘The rest of the team have taken the day off and I was the only one about so I thought why not give it a crack. The least the could happen was that I’d prove Linda was a fool for believing in this sort of stuff.’

‘Linda?’ asked the mummy, she reached her chest now and was revealing a little more than Dr Williams was prepared to see, he worried the toe of his boot into the sand beneath it and tried to focus on digging out a little trough instead.

‘Ah, erm, Linda? Yes, well, she’s my wife, I mean by ex-wife, we’re divorced, sort of. Nearly. Separated technically.’


‘She moved to Ohio with her new boyfriend.’

‘I see.’ The bandages were gone and in their place was acres of bronzed skin, blue eyes, and ebony hair. ‘Are you going to let her know that she was right then?’ The mummy shook her hair out behind her and began carding his fingers through it to detangle the knots.

‘I…’ Dr Williams trailed off. ‘No, I think we can let that lie for now.’

‘And what about me? How will you explain me?’


‘She will probably ask questions after all, I mean you’re not planning on leaving me here are you? A naked woman abandoned in the desert. What sort of man would do that?’

‘I hadn’t really thought that far ahead.’

‘That much is clear. Do you perhaps have something I could wear for now? Your jacket maybe?’

‘My jacket?’

‘Yes your jacket. I’m naked remember?’

‘Oh, yes.’ He fumbled to remove his arms from the sleeves and passed it across. ‘Are you coming with me then?’ he asked.

‘Where else would I go? You brought me back to life two thousands years after I died. It’s not like I can wander into the nearest city and tell them to bow down because their queen is back. You cast the ritual, you now deal with the consequences.’

‘Consequences, what consequences?’ Dr Williams squeaked.

‘Me you moron, you have to look after me.’

‘Oh, that doesn’t sound too bad.’

The mummy grinned. ‘Trust me, I wouldn’t start counting your chickens just yet.’

‘You’re not going to try and take over the world are you?’ he asked quietly. ‘Normally in the movies things don’t go very well for the people around you when that happens.’

‘No more than any other woman,’ she shrugged. For now let’s focus on not being in the desert.’

‘Okay, I suppose that’s sensible,’ Dr Williams nodded. He let her sweep past him, her slender feet sinking into the sand as she walked in the opposite direction of the jeep he’d hired to bring him out here. ‘Wait,’ he called. ‘Wait, wait, you’re going the wrong way!’

Writing Prompt 2

Prompt curtesy of The Story Shack

I did try and write a 50 word short for this prompt but there was too much detail to cut it down to that size. Instead the piece ran to about 600 words. If you have a moment please leave the feedback in the comments below. I’m always looking to improve my writing so any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Rather sweet and funny, though I wonder if he’s ready for the chaos she will undoubtedly release on his life. Any plans as to where they go next?


  2. Enjoyed it- I would develop the ex wife a little more, what is their relationship now, does he still love her, is she a generic nagging ex wife cliche?…


    1. I did wonder about developing her but I was trying to keep the wordcount down. There’s been quite a bit of interest around this one though so I might go back and extend the story.


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