Off The Edge Of The Map

‘Leave me alone ya bastard!’

Henry’s words bounced off the cave walls harmlessly, much like the driftwood had, and the empty whisky bottle had months before.

Despite the projectiles, his reflection continued staring up from the shallow pool at his feet. Slightly warped and vaguely true to likeness.

‘You’re the one who wanted to chase after princesses,’ it pointed out. ‘I was quite happy on a street corner with my lute.’

‘You and your lute were shite,’ Henry spat. ‘We barely made a crown a day.’

‘Perhaps,’ shrugged the reflection, ‘I wasn’t stuck on an island alone though. I could take a break whenever I wanted, speak to whoever I wanted.’

‘But you didn’t.’

‘But I could have.’

‘But you didn’t.’

‘I almost did once.’

‘No you didn’t!’

Henry spat in the pool and sat down beside it.

‘Happy, fucking, ever after,’ he muttered.

‘Still blaming you,’ the reflection replied.

Writing Prompt 6

Writing Prompt From The Story Shack

If you’d like to read something a little longer I’m working on redrafting my Safe Haven series. In the meantime Solitary Creatures is also available and a fifth installment is on the way some time this month.


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