One Simple Gold Band

The nursing home had labeled it.

A thin strip of sticky white paper

folded over the band, pressed together,

with your name in neat, tiny letters

as if it was a reminder in itself

that the person who once owned it

could no longer claim it as their own

and had to be told ‘this is yours’

‘this is something precious to you’

‘this is part of who you were’.


Tonight’s prompt was to write a poem based on a token such as those left by mothers for their children at the Foundling Hospital in London. Make sure to click the badge above and check out the other wonderful poems written by the fantastic poets taking part in tonight’s fun.



  1. Woah! That has given me goose pimples. It’s a very powerful piece – the tiny details make it so very real, and the symbolism of that plain gold ring. I like it very much.


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