Dust Blind

When the facts were laid out it made sense.

One by one

I could pinpoint where everything fell apart,

where the track first bent

sudden and broken into barren desert,

the initial dust cloud the only cover you needed

to keep me from realising what exactly had happened.


I didn’t understand where the thorns came from,

why I had to pull them out from under my skin,

when they had even found their way beneath it.

Surely there should have been a warning,

a prickle of pain or a bolt of lightening,

small or large,

there should have been something to say

this was not right.


By the time I noticed you’d carried on,

left me standing stranded

miles away from the path

I’d thought we were following,

night had fallen.


For a while I still thought

you might come back.

Daily Post: Fact


  1. Well written, I checked out the link to the story generator you had on a previous post. They have some absurd details but still intriguing lol. I’m still going to try to see if I can figure something out with that. P.S. If you check out my page I have a monthly interview series with writers I posted my 9th one last week and have a possible 10th one in the works. If interested to participate in the series lmk and I’ll start of April with you as my featured writer guest.This is a way for me to help us both reach out to the WordPress community and get our work out there. Peace and I look forward to reading more of your work.

      1. Awesome! If you don’t mind sending me your email address then I’ll keep in touch with you when I finish curating the questions. I’m in the process of coming up with questions for my 10th one. Thanks for reaching back.

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