Dawn broke like a bottle

and light fell as glass shards

through the sun bleached curtains

your mother bought for us

the month after we were married.

When they found the bed,

empty sheets burned gold,

the creases marked out in silver

an echo of our bodies

traced in the unmade,

and a slip of perfect pressed linen

still held taught

where I’d drawn a line

on the very last night

that I’d allowed you in

before shutting turning the locks

for good.

Title Prompt:Sunrise (courtesy of Nandina Varma)

I found the prompt for this poem on twitter and it fits quite nicely as I have another poem from a while back that was featured on the site Eyes & Words called Sunsets. It’s supposed to be a NaPoWriMo Day One prompt but I’ve already written one poem today, so it looks like this is a spare.


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