My Grandfather’s biography would be called

‘I’m sure a bit of string would fix it’.

The cover held together with bailer twine

splint ended and bright orange

beside the tight, crisp pages

of neatly suited companions,

with their dapper dressed poses,

and carefully choreographed covers.



It would be part of the collection.

A Night Away For The Nile,

Never Going Back To The Bog,

Butchers Bike To Farmer’s Wife,

Livestock Before Children.

A Gate To The Face Or Three,

Tales From The Garden Path.

Down Drainpipes Up Ladders.

Sheep Are Very Important!

How To Escape The Country.

How To Escape Back To The Country.

Why Mad Families Are Worth It.

Are You Really Going To Read This?



It’s almost enough to fill a library.


NaPoWriMo Prompt Day Three: A list poems about items with made up names.

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