NaPoWriMo – Day Five: Ghost

I felt you climb inside me.

Your fingers slid between the cracks,

drove them wider,

and you crawled into the darkness,

to paw through all the clutter

I’d hidden away in the shadows of myself.

Now I carry you around like loose change,

always rattling through my skull

off beat and missing the tempo,

so the ripples turn to rapids

and I have nowhere to turn but you

and all the other phantoms

in my head, taking up room.

So I smile,

cheeks cracking like sugar work,

sweetness with no substance.

These are the only walls

I know how to build.

Playing catch up today. Got home from work yesterday and didn’t feel like writing so I’m using my lunch break to make up for it. Not using the prompt for the 5th either I’m afraid. Might give it a go at the weekend when there’s more time.


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