NaPoWriMo – Day Eight: Troll Men

In the borderlands are wooden glens

where troll men stump on hollow legs,

and wait for the pretty faced prince

to come with sword and horse

in need of trophies to convince


some foreign king of his cause.


He’ll trade his sack of skulls

for a wife he’s not yet met

but been told of in fairy tales,

in tavern songs

and children’s rhymes.

He knows her hair is gold,

her lips ruby, eyes sapphire

tongue silent

to go with a quiet mind.


But he’ll do as princes do

when winning princess from their father’s.

He’ll forget to show kindness

to the widow on the road

for she is ugly, dirty, worthless,

and the witch will curse his blindness

and bless his wife not yet met

with a tongue and lips

not made of gems.


In the end he’ll find a queen,

new upon her father’s throne

without the need of troll remains

or princes bearing their bones.

She’ll return him to the forest glens

where troll men stump on hollow legs

and suck the marrow from little men

whose swords lie broken, fractured, bent

at the feet of a woman without gems

whose tongue passed final judgement.


It’s Day Eight for NaPoWrimo which means we are now a quarter of the way through the month. Today’s prompt is to “write a poem where mysterious and magical things occur”. I was trying to channel Christina Rossetti with this piece somewhat  as her poem Goblin Market seemed to fit the prompt perfectly. NaPoWriMo’s prompt also fitted in quite nicely with today’s Daily Post Prompt: Twart

Please let me know what you think and if you like the recording included at the end. I’m still not certain about recording my poems and I’m not a fan of how my voice sounds but it’s good practice for preforming the poems.







    1. Thank you. I have got a couple of other poems where I’ve added audio but I’ve not done it for many. Do you think it’s worth going back and adding it to the older pieces perhaps?


  1. Excellent poem.
    A friend and I record poems for one another. Not just our own work but any we find interesting. It opens each of us to authors we might not have found on our own and also another voice to hear poems in (not just the reading voices in our own heads).
    Definitely keep it up!


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