No Oceans In This Shell

I felt your hands on the zip in the hollow of my throat.

Felt you ease it open in one smooth motion,

to reveal the stone inside my rib-cage,

the rice in the rattle,

still pretending to make music

when everyone has stopped listening.


I’ve started doing judo on a Monday as well as a Wednesday night recently so I was tempted to go straight to bed tonight and leave the poetry for tomorrow. Then I remembered that it was Quadrille night at DVersePoets and decided to put my aching fingers through a little more work just because I didn’t want to miss out on what has become one of my favorite poetry challenges.

Tonight’s word for the forty-four word poem is Zip.


  1. Carol, this is, in my humble opinion, simply a perfect poem. So visual. Such crazy awesome images. And a killer last line. Just wonderful.

    The Quadrille is by far one of my favorite poetic challenges, too. So happy you took the time to stop by today. 🙂


  2. Carol, you are so gifted! Everything you write is a stunning show-stopper and this one is no exception. That opening line is beautiful and painful and glorious!


  3. It sounds almost like surgery to me. Heart surgery of course, but the outcome is uncertain. I like the elusive nature of the operator and patient. It leaves us wondering


  4. The title…the first chilling line….the last two lines. This is stunning!!! So very glad you wrote for the prompt.
    I too love the Quadrille — and I believe it’s unique to dVerse.


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