Tempest Temper

You doled out temper tantrums like hard gums,

sugar flecked jellies

that locked my jaw

kept me mute

while you spun words into waterfalls and rapids

that broke over me

like I was nothing more than rock

carved out to test your anger upon.

Daily Post: Froth

I’ve been writing longer poems for NaPoWriMo this month so I went with a simple quardille for today’s daily post prompt.


        1. Actually, while you here. I was thinking about doing a sort of roundup at the start of May of different poets that have done NaPoWriMo and their favorite poems from the month. Would you be interested in taking part?

            1. Fab. I’m not sure what the plan will be exactly, my rough idea is possibly a series of guest posts where poets can showcase their favorite poem and then say a bit about the month. Does that sound up your street?

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