Call For Guest Posts – #NaPoWriMo Wrap Up

We’re starting to close in on the halfway mark for National Poetry Writing Month so I would like see who would be interested in taking part in a Guest Post project this May.

The plan is for each contributor to submit a post that contains their favorite poem (their own work) from this year NaPoWriMo challenge, and a little bit about how they found trying to write thirty poems in thirty days.


You don’t have to go into too much detail with these posts, it’s more of a showcase of what NaPoWriMo can produce and the amazing quality of poetry that can be found here on WordPress.

If you want to join in then please send me an email at and leave a comment below so that I know to look out for it. (Hotmail loves to junk emails from strangers I’ve noticed.)

I’ve had once poet say their in so far and that is My Valiant Soul but there are many more days to be filled in May if you’re interested.

So, what do you say? Fancy showing off your favorite poem and having a little chat about April?

The morning agenda


Comments below, but please leave your bots at the door.

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