NaPoWriMo – Day Nineteen: Orchard Blossom

Version One:


Version Two:

Poem Oachard Blossom 2


I’m still playing catch up with NaPoWriMo so here is my response for Day Nineteen’s prompt. It’s a similar technique to found poetry but instead of using a page from a book you salvage from a second hand shop, you write your own paragraph and then turn it into a poem. If you want to see the original paragraph it’s included below.

The only issue I have with this prompt is that it doesn’t have much in the way of contrast as the prose I based the poem off uses quite poetic language. Part of the uniqueness of found poetry is that you sometimes have to work quite hard for the lines. As you can see by the first piece, it would be quite easy just to add line breaks and blank out minimal amounts of the prose to create a poem out of this. That’s why I had two attempts at it. The second being more vicious with the black lines.

The blossom from the plum tree has melted away like snow, leaving behind the green spindles of fragile flesh, that might hold the promise of fruit come autumn months. Beside it, the pear and cherry still hold their flowers. Taller than the other two, the cherry holds its clusters higher, closer together. Like pompoms above a cheerleader’s head, celebrating the strangeness of a warm spell this sweet in April. The pear seems more down to earth, more content in plodding onwards one season at a time. While the cherry’s spine creeps longer and longer still, and the plum spreads its arms to either side like a dancer preparing to bow, the pear stands quietly, dusted in blossom until it is time to let go.


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