NaPoWriMo – Day Twenty : Firestarter

With enough feet marching

you can shake a city from its bed,

rattle the window frames

until they pop loose

and let the noise in.

There are thunderstorms

softer than your rumble,

I’ve watched them shiver

quake at the sound of you

roaring for the world

to roar right back.

My own politics pass on splinters,

from all the fences

I’ve perched myself on carefully,

certain not to teeter

too far over on either side.

My love of balance

looks more like apathy

in honesty.

I think that’s why I want you

and not in a way

where I lay claim

or bed down

or burn my taste onto your mouth,

I want you like a life raft,


drowning can seem like swimming

if you don’t notice

the water rising.


write a poem that involves rebellion in some way

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