Fingers And Toes

My fingers are wonky.



but wonky.

They start off straight enough,

but seem to loose focus near the ends

where suddenly they tilt off course

as if there was a cat in the road

or something.



I think it’s a Forrester trait.

Hands and feet not quite lined up

the way they should be.

The length is all Swin,

though the blood ran short

at the other end,

with teeny, tiny toes

more child than woman.


Index, middle and fourth

are all the same length.

Even the little

isn’t really little in comparison

just a fraction shorter

than the other mini sausages

wriggling beside it.


At one family gathering,

we compared missing knuckles,

stumpy thumbs

and odd shaped toes

to see who could call bingo

with a full set of oddities.


that should have been the name

given to my family.


I hope tonight’s poetic’s host doesn’t mind me using fingers and toes as my family trait in response to tonight’s prompt. I know we were only meant to pick one family trait, but in my defense, the two are linked and it’s the same family trait that messes with the knuckles in our hands and our feet.

In my case you can only really see it clearly in my feet but my sister has it in one hand. Her middle finger is slightly shorter than her index finger and fourth finger. Most people don’t notice my wonky fingers unless they point them out so I think I got away slightly lighter when it came to the genetics lottery.


  1. I have wonky fingers too! My husband laughs at them. But my toes are unusually long. He laughs at them too. I don’t think I’d like to be perfect, that’s boring! πŸ™‚
    An enjoyable poem I can relate to, Carol!


  2. That’s quite humorous, the fingers and toes family reunion. The cat in the road reference is hilarious. I refer to my toes as missle toes, they all shot off in different directions, lol


  3. This is so good. I love the first line, and this:

    “to see who could call bingo
    with a full set of oddities”


  4. fingers and toes can be duplicated it seems right down the family tree, like roots and branches. I loved your comparisons and the family reunion made me smile.


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