Home Retreat

When the world shudders,

I still seek shelter with you.

I still cocoon myself in your arms

and pretend

that I am a child again.

Knowing you will keep the bad at bay

until I am ready to gather myself

and face the world.


I’m going to blame my other half for the lapse in memory that made me miss last night’s Quadrille prompt. He returned home with twelve Israeli Koi for the new pond in the garden so our evening dissolved into me staring over the edge of the water, trying to pick out any signs of their colourful little bodies after they’d been released.


    1. That’s such a lovely thought, I’m so honored that it resonated that much with you. I actually changed the name of the piece at the last moment because I wanted it to be more open in regards to who it could be about. When I wrote it I was thinking about my mother but my fiancee is the person I turn to most these days. They both represent that feeling of reassurance and support for me.


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