Safe Keeping – #Quadrille #DVersePoets

I’ve kept all the pieces of you that I could find.

Stored them safely,

wrapped away

in a box somewhere hidden and warm,

until I can remember how the puzzle goes

and slot you back into yourself,

a little more fragile perhaps

but whole again.



  1. Interesting piece, Carol. It starts off hopeful and ends up existential. Is the subject deceased or imagined or part of a metaphor; strong poetics regardless.


  2. This one leaves me feeling a bit melancholy. Sad for the one whose pieces have scattered, and also sad for the one who feels responsible for fitting the pieces back together.


    1. Thank you for the comment Maggie. I think that was what I was sort of going for. It could be taken purely as someone dealing with the grief that follows someone passing or perhaps someone who has just lost control of their life. In both cases it can be grueling.


  3. wow – this is a double-edged sword of a poem …

    tight, compact and yet so telling for the emotions – and who is grieving and mourning? and what I most appreciate about this “puzzle” (in 44 no less) – are the questions raised –
    do we have the “right” to put someone back together again? whose best interests are we serving etc. and this, at least for me, is what I mean by double-edged sword –
    this is a wonderful poem, and I’m just enjoying it.


    1. You’re the only one to mention that in the comments and it did get me thinking. You’re right, some times the best thing is just to let go. We can hold on too much sometimes.


      1. well, sometimes our best intentions are the last thing needed, either for the person, or for ourselves, even if it’s an honest, heartfelt wish. Such as it is, such as human nature can be. And who’s to say what is “right/wrong” – it’s just how things happen sometimes.


  4. Oh…..this is truly lovely. Would that we could take the pieces we have of a loved one…old photos, memories, gifts, mementoes, and slot them back together again, if only for a day. 🙂 How I would love to see my brother again. I liked this post very much.


    1. Thank you Lillian, and my condolences about your brother. I can’t imagine what it would be like to lose a sibling. Sometimes I wonder if we’d even get to say the things we wanted to if given a chance or if we’d just want to hold them.


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