In Search Of The View

You striped your shins raw and red

spilling from an open window

onto the porch roof outside.


Hands flat against the bitumen

you brought yourself upwards, tall,

bearing gravel bitten palms.


My hands will ache at the thought,

of your smile through the lifted glass,

half shadowed by the sunset.


Second, I was more careful in the going,

kept my skin as it should be,

clean, whole, unharmed. I did not spill.


Then we watched as clouds scudded

east to west on slow, hidden winds.


Your slips always taught me lessons.

Like how to pick old wounds clean.

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  1. This is incredibly poignant. Sometimes in order to let wounds heal we need to rid ourselves of the negative people surrounding us. Thank you so much for writing to the prompt! ❤


  2. Beautiful poem. Gorgeous description of climbing out on that roof but so much more. Life lessons in watching others, learning from mistakes – hopefully. Lovely


  3. I love poems that embrace our past, lessons learned… they are an important part of who we are…


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