#SundayPhotoFiction: Stranded

Isabelle watched the foam settle as the speedboat winked out of view, scurrying its way back to the city. The old man hadn’t been keen to take her, counting her money twice before letting her aboard and then lingering for longer than necessary when she leapt out into the shallows.

Her skirts were damp, but she’d kicked her shoes free before getting off the boat. Her feet had dried while she waited.

She checked her watch and scowled. The glass was cracked, had been since earlier that morning when a cyclist outside her apartment careened into her. It was her own fault. If she’d not spent so long on land, she might have noticed him before he had chance to get close. Instead she’d been thrown from her thoughts by the bite of handlebars into her ribs.

The wind picked up and threw the waves higher along the beach. Isabelle waded out, shivering as the water closed around her ankles.

‘Please,’ she cried. ‘I’m sorry. I have learnt my lesson!’

Above her a seagull cried out but that was it.

‘Father please!’

The sea did not answer.

Isabelle dropped to her knees and sobbed.

‘Please. I’m ready to come home.’


Photo Credit: Fandango

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  1. A great story. I’m wondering what brought her on to the land in the first place and how long her father is going to let her suffer? But I guess that’s a whole new story.


  2. I am assuming she is a mermaid hence the punishment. Hope her father returns for her soon! Nice imaginative piece. I loved the watch and bike part!


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