Between Tides And Hurricanes


I clung

inside you.

Pendent between

each aching inhale.

Cautious you might breath out

and send me spinning upwards.

A helicopter seed whirling

away as if I’d never been there,

the hollow I’d leave unnoticed by you.


These were never wing, they were always sails.

Filled up with questions I asked myself,

to keep my feet from touching down

on lands unfamiliar,

filled with strangers like me

always pulling at

something unseen,


they knew



If you want to know more about this form of poetry then check out Colleen’s handy post on how to write an Etheree. I’ve not come across them before, though the form reminds me a little of Fibs which are great fun to write.

The two words for this week’s prompt were ‘Mystery’ and ‘Attraction’ so I went with ‘pulling’ and ‘questions’.



  1. […] Between Tides And Hurricanes, #EthereeCaughtI clunginside you.Pendent betweeneach aching inhale.Cautious you might breath outand send me spinning upwards.A helicopter seed whirlingaway as if I'd never been there,the hollow I'd leave unnoticed by you. These were never wing, they were always sails.Filled up with questions I asked myself,to keep my feet from touching downon lands unfamiliar,filled with strangers like mealways pulling atsomething unseen,pretendingthey knewlove. Carol J Forrester […]


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