All The Little Jokes

“Well I think it’s funny,

all these women

crying about men

calling them sweetheart.”


It’s never really meant

in that way

when he takes you by the hips,

shouts above the music,

and introduces himself

with a comment on your form.


It’s all banter,

the older man on the phone

asking for one of the guys

who’ll understand better

than the girl who called

because that’s her job.


It’s just a joke,

boys being boys,

when they hold you

in a corner,

and pretend for fun

while everyone laughs.


It’s just a little thing,

on a little thing,

on a little thing,

on a little thing,

that leaves a big thing

missing inside of me.

Written in response to Mindlovmisery’s Menagerie Friday First Line “Well I think it’s funny…”


    1. Unfortunately each stanza is pulled from a different personal experience. Not all those times were dismissed but more often or not they have been and more importantly I’ve kept finding stanzas to add. Thank for reading Diane, I’m glad the piece worked in the way it was intended.


        1. I know, and it can get laughed off by those who think we’re over-sensitive, when really it’s just about being treated with a basic level of respect and dignity that should be afforded to any human.


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