DVerse Poets Poetry Form – The Rubaiyat

Snow In The Doorway

The snow has not melted just of yet it would appear,

crouched on the doorstep the last drift remains huddled here

crying itself into the gravel driveway fake by flake,

until this winter sun steals every single cold tear.





I think I kissed you once before, when we were both young,

before kisses meant things like I forgive you, or stung.

I think I kissed you because you were there to be kissed

and I did not know that your mouth was a trap to be sprung.


This week I’ve not written much due to being under the weather. I’ve got a virus that is slow to clear off and it’s making life a bit miserable if I’m honest. However, I wanted to make sure that I had a go at the DVerse Poets Pub Poetry Forms prompt as it’s an interesting project and it’s always good to stretch your poetic abilities with a challenge.

(Even if you do just want to curl up in a ball and ignore the world because your chest feels like a solid lump of gunk.)

This time round the prompt is The Rubaiyat, and you can find all the guidance for how these are written on the DVerse site which is linked to the logo above.

I wasn’t entirely happy with my first attempt, and only mildly more impressed with my second so this might be one that I traipse back to in a week or so to see if I can work my way around the form to write something a little less, well a little less meh. (It could also seem meh at the moment because I’m feeling meh but that should also clear off in a week or so.

In the meantime if you would like to join in with DVerse’s Poetry Forms series then make sure to check out their site and also check out the other wonderful poets trying their hands at fixed form. You might stumble across your new favourite style of poetry.


  1. I think it’s hard to do this form without getting a bit Dr Seuss-y, and I kind of get why you feel a bit unenthused about your offerings. However, I think you nail the structure, they both flow really well, and there’s some really nice imagery in the first one. I really like the second one – the slightly world-worn voice is great, and the story it tells is great, too. Also, well done for writing when you feel crappy. There’s lots of time to come back to this, now that you understand how the form works.


    1. Thank you Sarah, I appreciate the encouragement and the comments. Starting to feel a lot better now than I was earlier in the week so hopefully I can get back into the swing of things with my poetry.


  2. hope you feel better soon.
    love the second quatrain, kisses just because someone was there, some truths are hard to bear


  3. I find your “Snow In The Doorway” absolutely wonderful Carol. The whole hiding snow crying into the gravel image was excellent! Well written! The second one about the kiss engaging.


  4. The personification of the snow in the first one is delightful. I also enjoyed the second one for it’s image at the end….perfect!


    1. I love it when people comment on older poems and I get to go back and read them because I genuinely forget some of the things I’ve written.
      I’m really glad to hear that you found some truth in these words.


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