As One #DVersepoets #TuesdayPoetics

There is a collective



that we know the words.

Singing like rusted taps,

gargling and spluttering

our way to the chorus

where enthusiasm trumps


and pipes swell and burst

so all is noise

and furious revelry.

The wave of it crests


washes us along

to the next line.

As real as the misting

of our breaths

as we sing.

The cold is not felt

in the thick of it.



  1. Nice description: “The wave of it crests


    washes us along

    to the next line.” It describes how I feel at most amusement parks. One can’t comfortably stand still. I suspect that is how New Orleans feels at Mardi Gras.


  2. My husband took our daughter to her first big football match this weekend. She came home buzzing, with stories of being caught up in the mood of the crowd. You have so reminded me of that, you capture that wave of emotion perfectly.


  3. We don’t feel anything when caught up in the excitement, whether it’s carnival, a football match or even a protest march. I love the singing
    like rusted taps, ‘gargling and spluttering our way to the chorus’ and being
    washed along to the next line. You’ve captured that collective excitement, Carol!


  4. Your poem poses an important question in critique of the new age adage of ‘mind over matter’ or as you said, “enthusiasm trumps experience.” We are caught up in riptides of sensationalism everyday on social media and in general offline society as well, and often, the ‘viral’ status of a story makes us lose our focus. Perhaps sometimes it might be good to be swept away in whirligig public opinion or displays of revelry, but I can’t truthfully affirm that. You do so well in describing what this process physiologically feels like.


  5. I think I should like to be on one of the balconies overlooking the revelers and their frenzied debauchery, and face tomorrow without a hangover! Great write.


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