Cascade #NaPoWriMo #DVersePoetics

You have to swim here.

Kick to keep afloat,

and scoop the water

into yourself,

with arms winged

either side

of a weightless body.


Dug out by the flow,

a pool deepened

by cascade.

A bridge

masked by track

and concrete.

This place

is thick green

almost jungle.



right to the sand,

easy to pretend

I know this place.

Too well

to be tricked.

Safety in confidence

I say.


Water washes all clear


but to where,

and when,

will it come to shore



napo2019button1 (1)


A prompt mash up tonight. Ending on a question for NaPoWriMo Day Two and ‘Cascade‘ for dVersePoetsPub poetics night.


  1. “Where water meets other water” is one of my favorite poetic lines, and your poem reminds me of it .

  2. A good contemplation on knowledge and how we move to new levels of (un)awareness, as a cascade falls and pools and falls… The water washing the clear away is a good reminder to not rush anything.

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